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The Secret Society of Odd Acquisition
Modern Wunderkammer Needs Ideas 
3rd-Sep-2008 08:49 am

    Hello all you collectors of the extraordinary and creators of the same.  I am taking the time to post this to ask for your opinions on matters of the future.  As some of you know I have been amassing a strange portion of macabre interest in an attempt to present awe and to instill wonder in those who would visit my home, Trundle Manor.  thessoa.com shows only a small sample of the experience you would get from entering my cabinet of curiosities.
     Alas I am feeling a vast passing of ideas on drawing those interested to my lair.  I would like to take it to the next level and work towards having a modern day Kunstkammer where people would treat it as a by appointment museum and meeting place.  I would provide either odd mixes of teas or permit them to bring their own and use my parlor for contemplation.  The golden goose for me would be to acquire a sizeable grant to increase the collection and revamp our downstairs into something more suitable for a large number of guests.  Is there anyone here who can lend suggestions or, now this would be key, someone who has written and could help me actually write a proper grant to get this underway?
    I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I am open to visitors, and I would greatly appreciate your suggestions, help, or comments.
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