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The Secret Society of Odd Acquisition
Testing the Travels of Time... Strap 
18th-Jan-2009 11:31 am
This Watch Cuff was discovered on the wrist of an iceman who was found among the hills of the Antarctic.  We found that with time travel only gears and leather could pass through the vortex leaving behind any digital objects.  This man, thought to have been frozen since the Mesozoic period, was a poor lost soul of DinoCo, a company using time travel to learn about the past.  The watch is all wind up with nothing but leather and brass holding it together.  The leather is strong and thick and there are clock gears throughout.  This piece of history is being sold off at the link below.


But seriously, bills are pilling up and Trundle manor is being run into the proverbial mud.  The collection will never be sold but I am making another attempt to produce my signature cuffs.  I hope you visit my link. and help keep the modern wunderkammer afloat.  This is the ORIGINAL Miriello Time Strap.  Someone was trying to copy my strap exactly before and sell it, which is stealing to me.  I hope you all appreciate the original by its inovator more.
Mr Arm of
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